Womens Prana Halle Pant Review

Editors Note:

Gun ownership and Concealed Carry Permits among women have been on the rise. Heidi Dexter is an excellent example of the type of women who have taken upon themselves to train and carry so as to not become a victim.

I have been lucky enough to train with her and her husband on 2 occasions and on each this couple has impressed me. Overcoming challenges and rising to the occasion together as a family should.

Unfortunately for Heidi she faces many unique obstacles as a female shooter. Like many women the amount of options for clothing and gear that properly fits the female body are limited. Combine that with her fit but tall frame and those options become even more limited.

This review is the culmination of a long time searching for the right pair of pants for EDC and training.

I’ve been on a search for tactical pants that fit the female form and come in lengths. Not an easy find, because aside from the tall girl problem they still have to look good.  I don’t believe one should ever have to sacrifice fashion for function!  Any woman who has needed a dressing room intervention after trying on jeans, with misplaced rear pockets, understands the importance of a flattering cut.

As a dance fitness instructor, I wear leggings or dance cargo pants daily (Shameless plug: http://www.zeststudiofitness.com/index.html).  The Prana Halle pant was close to being as comfortable as yoga pants, with the advantage of a zipper and belt loops.  I try not to be too tactical on the range, because that’s not how I dress on a daily basis.  I train for everyday life.  That said, tactical pants have the benefit of being moisture wicking and stretchy, so they are a bonus when it is 85 degrees with 80 percent humidity, like the day I tested them.

These pants are designed for hiking, not shooting, so they lack pockets. They have one small zippered pocket on the thigh.  It’s enough to hold ear pro, lip gloss or a knife, but not all three.  Ear pro won out, but I would have appreciated a place to secure my Benchmade (since the Mini-Barrage® has gone adrift on several occasions) and my lip gloss, because nobody has time for chapped lips.


The rear pockets have unnecessary flaps, which I had to tuck in so that I could put extra mags there.  The articulated knees were great and prevented bagging.  Halle pants have a roll-up legs and inner drawstring at the waist, but I had no use for either feature.  Prana describes the fit as relaxed, but I’d say more like semi-fitted. They run about $75, but I scored mine on sale from MooseJaw.


The Prana Halle pant lasted through 10 hours of sun, rain, humidity, hot brass and windshield glass and still looked and felt good.  I would definitely recommend these to a fellow female shooter, but I’m still waiting for the perfect pant.


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