Wicked Grips from Davison MI.

For the third installment of our Michigan Production Week we have a company out of Davison Michigan. Wicked Grips is a custom manufacturer parts for 1911’s and other popular handguns. Though they do make grips for AR-15’s and some other pistols such as the P938, P238, Baretta 92FS Ruger SP101 the main focus of the company has been on the 1911.


Ed started Wicked Grips 12 years ago with the desire to make something for himself. Over the years as the company has grown Ed did not fall pray for the desire to chase profit. Instead he kept making specialty custom items the way he knew how for customers that appreciated the finer and more expensive quality work. To this day Wicked Grips remains an American Made, Michigan Made family based operation that produces only the highest quality of work.


The attention to detail was obvious right from the minute we opened the package. Unlike so many other companies or the grips you often find on Ebay from China Wicked Grips includes a custom box with their logo, company name and slogan to safely store your grips in. this quality aluminum tin was just a nice little addition and touch of service.


Fit and quality is job one at Wicked Grips. Regardless of your 1911 having ambidextrous or single safeties, bobtail or size Wicked Grips has a grip that will fit you perfectly. When we say perfectly we mean PERFECTLY. Take a look at the attached gallery of work from Ed at Wicked Grips. His tolerances are exact and the handles he makes fit the specified gun to the micron. There is cut outs for the mag releases as well as the safety’s.





There is many different styles, materials and designs to choose from, allowing you to make the grip thicker or thinner then it was from the factory. Texture is also adjustable depending on the material used. The Exotic Woods have a smoother finish while the Aluminum Graphic Grips have a mild textured feel.


We replaced the Sig Sauer Tacops Nightmare Grips on my 1911 with the Full size Standard Don’t Tread On Me Aluminum Graphic Grip. At first the reduced texture of the grip concerned me compared to the very aggressive texturing on the original grips. Speaking to Ed he informed me that due to the graphics, more aggressive texturing would not look right. I buy my guns for feel and shoot-ability not looks but figured I would give it a shot.


Wicked Grips Don't Tread On Me for Sig TacOps
Wicked Grips Don’t Tread On Me for Sig TacOps


Ed was right and has achieved a perfect of texture in his custom grips. The grips look great but they also will still stay in your hand. We test fired the TacOps with wet hands and found the texture of the grip aggressive enough to hold tight. Further even when shooting without gloves the texture was smooth enough to not rough up my hands after a few hundred rounds like the original grips did.


As for designs you are sure to find something to you liking. There is patriotic images, Dragons, Come and Take It, Molon Labe, Don’t Tread On Me, Animal prints, Skulls, Mother Marry, Boondock Saints, the Cross, Guy Fawkes, Demons, Pin Ups, Military and the list goes on and on.


If you’re looking to attach your new grips with a bit of flair Wicked Grips offers several choices of replacement grip screws. These Hex based screws with engraved designs are the perfect compliment to upgraded grips and ensure a quality fit with strong retention.




In addition to his custom grips Ed also makes Engraved Recoil Spring Plugs. You will find very intricate designs on these in a number of different styles. Take your pick from Maltese Cross, Spade, Spartan Helmet, Nautical Star, Brass Spike and more.


If you’re an AR-15 fan they have something for you as well. In addition to AR-15 grips that are inline with the style and work done for the 1911 they have matching rail covers.  In addition they make a spider web style rail like nothing I have ever seen before. You really need to check this out if you’re making yourself a bad ass safe queen.


AR-15 Pistol matching handle and rail covers.
AR-15 Pistol matching handle and rail covers.


Ed is no stranger to reviews or write-ups. A quick look at the media section of his website will show you that he is well respected around the country.  He has articles written about him in magazines like:


American Handgunner

Guns Magazine

The 2010 Holster Guide

Gun buyers Annual

Guns & Ammo Complete Book of the Model 1911

American Cop Magazine



If you love your 1911 and want to make it something truly special without affecting the function of the pistol Wicked Grips has the added touches you are looking for. When you order from Wicked Grips in Davidson Michigan you are ordering from a 2nd Amendment supporter in your local community that cares about the finer details. You will not find a better set of grips on the market for you 1911 then you will at Wicked Grips.


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