Triple Feed The Uncommon Malfunction

A few months back I had a chance to take a class with a fantastic instructors who’s name I am going to leave out of this as he may not want to be tied to this patch.

Part of the class involved learning how to clear common malfunctions like a double feed in the AR platform. During such a  clearing, one of the students who is also a writer here, created the unicorn of malfunctions, a triple feed. Somehow instead of generating a double feed he had jammed 3 bullets into the upper receiver creating a nasty mess that required an all hands on deck clearing.

This became a running joke through the entire 3 days. It did not take long until some of our military guys started swapping out triple feed for the “shocker.” If you don’t know what that is you might want to hit google.

We designed the Triple Feed Patch with both the malfunction and double meaning in mind. All proceeds from the sale of these patches go to keeping 248Shooter open. So with each purchase your getting a cool patch and helping me pay for the products we need to buy, to keep doing reviews.

When it all comes down to it, we may not want to have a triple feed happen to us but most of us really enjoy giving one to others. If your a fan of morale patches, the shocker, clearing malfunctions or just having patches that are cooler then your buddies then you need the new Triple Feed Patch.

Get yours now from our friends at Detroit Bullet Works, who have agreed to sell these products for us in their store. Also please check out the targets and knives we are offering for sale.




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