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Patriot Cases Foam Cutting Instructions and Review

If you have ever had to fly with a weapon or spend large periods of time outdoors in inclement weather, you have probably purchased a hard case for your weapon. Both pistol and rifle cases fit into the same mold for hard cases. You typically have some form of heavy duty plastic shell that can be secured and then locked …

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FPS Russia takes on AmazonPrime

FPS Russia Kyle Myers

Amazon announced the drone delivery system they are testing a few months back.   Our buddy at FPS Russia has a better idea that is tried and tested. Why trust drones to do an artillery mans job? Kyle who is known by the name of FPS Russia is one of my favorite Youtube personalities. Check out this recent video and …

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Faliaphotography Offers a Womens Perspective on Shooting

Women are a a very fast growing segment of shooters. They represent a large portion of new NRA memberships and can be found in abundance at local CPL classes. Personally I can attest to the fact that the last 3 CPL classes I have been to had more women than men in them. However new female shooters I have spoken …

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