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What Will You Use Your Gun For?

In our last article “Where to Start” we discussed a very basic overview of what you need to know. In an effort to bring more information on gun handling and techniques 248Shooter has recently partnered with an NRA instructor who will be adding his experience to our blog writing team. Expect to see some great information on those topics in the coming weeks. This …

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Where to Start?

In hindsight I can not believe that this article has not been written until now. With all the recent garbage legislation and media attention on the riffles and handguns the firearms community has seen one of the largest upswings in new members in history. With this comes a lot of new members to the ranges who don’t know the rules or safety procedures. Not only …

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Faliaphotography Offers a Womens Perspective on Shooting

Women are a a very fast growing segment of shooters. They represent a large portion of new NRA memberships and can be found in abundance at local CPL classes. Personally I can attest to the fact that the last 3 CPL classes I have been to had more women than men in them. However new female shooters I have spoken …

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Sig Sauer P938 Review

Sig P938 Nightmare Image

I have to say this gun is an absolute work of art. Think baby 1911 in 9mm. This is a true pocket pistol that you can actually feel comfortable carrying and shooting.   It started going back to Oct of 2012. If an effort to garner support at home for my time at the range an attempt was made to …

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