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EDC or EDR? Which Acronym Should You Use?

Breach Bang Clear

If you are not following this blog you missing out. http://www.breachbangclear.com/site/10-blog/609-edc-or-edr-which-acronym-should-you-use.html They do a fantastic job of covering important topics in a fun way and they have an awesome action fiogure logo. Seriously these guys are top of the game. Check out the article below and then go check out Breach Bang Clear for more great articles. Written by Breach-Bang-Clear on 27 January …

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AR-15 Do’s and Don’ts

AR-15 Do's and Don'ts full playlist of all videos

Youtube is an incredibly valuable source of information if you can weed through the chaff to find the people worth following. One of my prefered Youtubers is Highjak86. He has been working on a multi-part series called AR-15 Do’s and Don’ts. It is by far one of the better video series I have seen on the topic. If you are new …

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SureFire 2211 WristLight

We recently had the privilege of getting a SureFire 2211 to review. The SureFire 2211 is a brand new class of lights that was designed with the help of active duty law enforcement and an advanced team of SureFire engineers.   The wrist light is designed to fill 3 roles: Weapon Light Primary Light Backup Light   We tested this …

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Fleeting Survival Inforce Review

I try to limit reposting other sites reviews as much as possible. However it is rare to run across such a well documented review and one that is so inline with the review we ran a few months back. Inforce is my go to weapon light and I prefer it over its more expensive competitors. This review by Fleeting Survival …

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AT3 Tactical LED Flashlight & Green Laser Combo

The Tactical market has seen an exponential growth in the last few years.   The amount of manufacturers developing rails, lights, lasers, optics, grips and anything else that can be strapped to a AR-15 is just staggering.   This huge growth and lack of knowledge on the part of many new shooters leaves many customers in a difficult position when trying …

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Innovative GunFighter Solutions IGFS G26L Project

I have been struggling with sleep related issues for the last few weeks. At the suggestion of a good friend I tried a product called Melatonin that is a natural chemical designed to help you stay asleep. One of the side effects is you can get some pretty funky dreams.   After my first night using the product I woke …

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2500 Facebook User Contest

Head over to our Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/248Shooter and share our current contest. We are giving away a Inforce 200 Lumens WPL to one lucky reader and fan. Full contest rules and instructions can be found on the Facebook page.    

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Inforce WML NEW 200 Lumens Weapon Light

You may have seen our recent review of the 200 lumen pistol light by Inforce here. If you do not know who Inforce is the you can learn about them in our previous article. It is enough to say here that they are an American based company that builds lights here in the USA and is used by military, police and …

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Inforce APL (Auto Pistol Light) 200 Lumens

Inforce APL 200 Lumens

Almost every single day I am asked questions related to either gun ownership or the 2nd amendment. As so many have recently become new firearms owners the questions have started to shift from what type of gun should I buy to what do I do now? MAny of the recent questions have been based around the “what should I buy …

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