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Remington 700 Trigger Lawsuit Goes into Effect

The contentious and turbulent lawsuit against the iconic Remington over triggers in their 700 line of rifles is open for claims. A¬†special website¬†has been set up with information on how to file a claim, and there is also a toll-free hotline, 1-800-876-5940. Remington continues to maintain that the rifles are safe. The company submitted evidence in support of their claim, …

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Two Stage Precision Ignition: Geissele Trigger Review SSA-E and SuperSCAR

I swore I would never become a trigger snob. I believe I have succeeded. The AR15’s stock, single-stage, mil-spec weight trigger works fine. I’ve shot targets out at 500 yards with an unaltered mil-spec M-16A2 rifle. The same can be said for the SCAR series rifles. The stock FN single-stage triggers with their moderate weight and clean break (on both …

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ALG Combat Trigger ACT Review

ALG Defense ACT trigger for the AR-15

Keith is getting too good at writing articles for us here at 248shooter. We both started a review on the ALG Combat Trigger also known as that ACT trigger. He just did a better job than me and faster. Below is the article from him and I do not want to spoil it so let me just say the following. …

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