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Grandma Gun: The Smith & Wesson .380 Shield EZ

From Annette Evans The Smith & Wesson .380 Shield EZ – The Perfect Grandma Gun? There’s a target market for handguns I hadn’t considered thoughtfully until recently. Much of my shooting career has been focused on what I and people like me – young, fit, enthusiastic – can do with guns. With the advantages of average or better strength, the …

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Buying a New Defensive Pistol? You need a GLOCK 19

For those looking to add a first, a subsequent, or perhaps a supplemental handgun for defensive and practical use, listen up please… or rather read. You need a Glock 19. Now that I’ve made Glock haters lock and load their keyboard systems and allowed Glock fans to raise a standard of triumph… These work too That’s a Sig Sauer P226 …

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One NRA Instructors Path to the M&P 9 Shield

M&P 9mm Shield with defensive serrations package from IGFS.

It’s been a long road In the world of defensive handguns it is very easy to get lost, turned about, distracted, and ultimately even a little frustrated when it comes to picking out a gun for ourselves. When picking a gun for someone else it is tantamount to grandma picking a sweater out for her angsty teenage grandchild, probably not …

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