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AR-15 Do’s and Don’ts

AR-15 Do's and Don'ts full playlist of all videos

Youtube is an incredibly valuable source of information if you can weed through the chaff to find the people worth following. One of my prefered Youtubers is Highjak86. He has been working on a multi-part series called AR-15 Do’s and Don’ts. It is by far one of the better video series I have seen on the topic. If you are new …

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Warne Ramp AR-15 Scope Mount

Warne Mount used by Police

High Powered optics, low powered optics, red dots, reflex sites and iron sites. That is a lot of choices when it comes to what you use to aim your AR-15. Add to that the when the AR-15 was developed it was designed for a fixed iron site. While the transition from the M16A1 to the more modern M16A4 has included …

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Back Up Sights For The AR

Our good friends over at andersonrifles.com shared this recently and gave us permission to re-print it. If you are not aware of Anderson MFG also known as Anderson Rifles then you will really enjoy the review we are working on. They make some really quality products and have developed an incredible coating for weapon parts that we will go into in the …

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Barrel Length, Muzzle Velocity and Accuracy How Much Does it Matter?

The Truth about guns recently published a fantastic article that really breaks down the affect barrel length has on both muzzle velocity and accuracy.  When deciding on a barrel, taking into account Dan’s research can help you to achieve the goal of your build or purchase.   A big thanks goes out to Dan Zimmerman for all the hard work and research …

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Patriot Defense Training (PDT) part 2 OR Why We Train

In our previous article Patriot Defense Training (PDT) part 1  we started to discuss the types of classes and atmosphere that Brad has developed at PDT. Even in a multi part article we will not be able to give you more then a small glimpse of what you get in the full 10 hour class. Reading about guns, watching Youtube videos and …

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Coming Soon

We are very please to have made some great partnerships and friendships with some serious industry partners.   Here is a taste of some of the reviews and articles we have coming over the next few weeks.   Review of  Patriot Defense Training LLC in Jackson Michigan. We will be sending out one of our guys to review the Carbine level …

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Making Your Glass Work For You

This was posted on http://www.gunclassifieds.com/blog/making-your-glass-work-for-you/ by GunClassifieds.com. With my recent review of the Primary Arms 4-16×44 scope I thought it would be great to add this How-to by Robert Hathaway. When it comes to choosing what optics to put on your new rifle, you have a lot of choices. The first thing that you need to do it ask your self a few …

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Primary Arms 4-16×44 Illuminated Mil Dot Scope Review

Disclaimer: This scope was purchased by me with no discount. My review reflects my feelings with no compensation from Primary Arms. The links in this article are for your use and I do not receive any payment for these. A few weeks back I received my shipment from Primary Arms. In this was the Primary Arms 4-16X44 Illuminated Mil Dot Scope PA416X [Mount:Primary Arms Scope Mount] at …

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Zero your AR-15 Iron Sites

This is a fantastic video for those of you that are new to the AR platform or have not had much experience with setting mechanical zero on a rifle. This will also work for many red dot sites that are commonly used with AR-15’s. Check out Safe Arms Review on Youtube and be sure to watch this great video on how to best …

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