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Shockwave Blade with Adjustable Tube Review

Taking the ECE course from Sentinel Concepts this weekend taught me the value of a light and maneuverable carbine. When using a CQB pistol, it is even more important. Fighting in an urban environment such as a home with obstacles and corners, light and maneuverable will give you the edge to engage quickly. Nobody grasps this concept better than the …

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The end of the Sig Brace?

According to a recent post the ATF may be making an attempt to back peddle on the Sig Brace. Black Ace Tactical owner Lemoine told Shooting Sports Retailer the ATF letter applies solely to the shotgun design submitted to the Firearms Technology Branch and doesn’t apply to uses with AR pistols. “When it comes to the AR stuff, I don’t know anything about …

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Kriss SDP Updated Review with M4 Stock Adapter and Sig Brace

Not too long ago we did a review on the Kriss SDP also commonly referred to as the Kriss Vector. The Kriss is a revolutionary gun, completely different from anything else on the market. This drastic shift in design is either loved or hated by those that shoot it. You can read all about our initial impressions and the features …

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