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Gun-Friendly Healthcare at 2ADoc.com

Have you ever been frustrated (or outraged) by your physician’s invasive questions about your firearms? Have you ever hemmed and hawed with trying to explain to a physician what your health needs are WITHOUT mentioning your firearms? Ever feel like you should have your blood lead level checked without explaining why? Have you wished for an eye doctor who could …

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The 2A Today

Well readers Massachusetts ban on ‘Assault Weapons’ stands with U.S. District Judge William Young dismissing the lawsuit challenging the measure. Young said assault weapons are military firearms and aren’t protected by the constitutional right to “bear arms.” Regulation of the weapons is a matter of policy, not for the courts, he said. States can individually decided whether or not to allow …

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A Grand A Day for Your 2A Rights, Deerfield Illinois

Fines up to $1,000 a day for residents of Deerfield Illinois who do not comply with the new ‘Assault Weapon’ and ‘High Capacity Magazine’ ban. High capacity magazines are defined as having a capacity over 10 rounds. Assault weapons are defined as semi-auto rifles and handguns that can take these magazines. AR’s, AK’s, SKS’s, etc. Fairly typical AWB langauge. Deerfield, IL …

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