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Safety and Freedom – The Parkland Lesson

From Dr. LateBloomer   The high schoolers in Parkland Florida returned to school this week. They returned to the scene of heartbreak and trauma, but also to new rules – rules that were put in place by school authorities in an effort to increase their safety. Unfortunately, this is also providing the students with important lessons about the cost of …

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Just Released SB442 S-2 (revised) and SB561 S-1 (revised) Summary with Explanations

Sen. Green and Sen. Meekhof are pushing forward an amended version of SB442 as well as expanding on that bill with a new bill SB561. MCRGO is for these bills and MGO and MOC still against them. What does the back and forth mean to you though? The answer to that is going to be individualized based on what you …

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Open Carry in Schools Battle is Soon to Come

Recently one of our Facebook fans shared the following article with me: http://www.clarkstonnews.com/ Besides being just about the worst laid out mess of a site that I have seen since 1998, it is one of the worst articles I have ever read. I make no claim of being a college journalism major. However with a non existent budget and just …

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