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Sunday Sermon: Accuracy is Relative

“Most combat shooting standards will be more dependent on ‘pucker factor’ than the inherent accuracy of the gun.” A note on accuracy. It is a widely abused term. If a rifle isn’t ‘Sub-MOA’ (even if the person asking has no notion what that means) or a handgun doesn’t stack rounds at ten yards in their hands then the gun in …

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It’s Cold. Do You Still Shoot?

The windchill was below 0 the day I took that picture but I still loaded up and went to the range. It was a need trip. During the shooting drills I could feel the rust dusting off of my fundamentals. Shooting is a discipline that requires constant practice. I spent to long away and aspects of my skill set suffered. …

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Defensive Firearm Training: Don’t Play the Odds

defensive firearm training

I want to dissect some recent advice I came across that affects defensive firearm training. The long and short of it was you, as a Concealed Carrier, do not need to practice doing reloads during your training and practical skills maintenance because you will “never” do one for real. This triggered a recall on the number of times I’ve seen, …

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Practice That Hurts

Train at home and at the range.

Practice is something we preach about here at 248 Shooter on a regular basis. However at a recent class I was in I realised that Practice can actually kill. I grew up in the town that the NY Rangers practiced in. As a benefit of that we had a really great Ice Rink just a half a mile from my …

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