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New Walther PPS Gen 2 Review

Single-stack, 9mm sub-compact pistols are a market that has proven to have staying power, and Walther secured a spot as a top contender in this market with the introduction of their original PPS back in 2007. The new release of the PPS M2, however, changes characteristics that made the original feel like a European gun, and bring it more inline …

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Buying a New Defensive Pistol? You need a GLOCK 19

For those looking to add a first, a subsequent, or perhaps a supplemental handgun for defensive and practical use, listen up please… or rather read. You need a Glock 19. Now that I’ve made Glock haters lock and load their keyboard systems and allowed Glock fans to raise a standard of triumph… These work too That’s a Sig Sauer P226 …

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