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Safety and Freedom – The Parkland Lesson

From Dr. LateBloomer   The high schoolers in Parkland Florida returned to school this week. They returned to the scene of heartbreak and trauma, but also to new rules – rules that were put in place by school authorities in an effort to increase their safety. Unfortunately, this is also providing the students with important lessons about the cost of …

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Gun Control and Carry in Schools, Florida Legislature Passes The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act

Florida’s legislature is sending gun control to the desk of the governor. But it’s a mixed bag. Depending upon which news outlet you use to read the news of the bill’s contents you could see “Gun Control Passes the Florida Legislature” right next to “Florida Senate and House Approve MORE GUNS in Schools!” The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public …

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Soft Target America… Parkland Florida

I do not want to write this article. I did not want to write the previous article. I hate this topic. I hate the immediate politicization. I hate that 17 families have had a hole ripped into them by the violent choice of one oxygen thief. But above all I hate the sphincter torrent of valueless bloody shirt waiving. There …

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