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The Tree of Life

On Saturday morning an anti-semitic piece of human trash shot up the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburg. Robert Bowers, 46. He hates Jews. He hates President Trump, who he says is a Jewish collaborator or some other such tin foil hat nonsense. He probably hates President Obama too. And Hispanics, definitely hates them. The man claims the Jews are …

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Primary Arms 1-6 FFP with ACSS Raptor Reticle

From Eric TGL,   For those not wanting to read the full review, the Primary Arms 1-6x First Focal Plane with the ACSS Raptor reticle is a marvel at the price point it is being offered. I tested both the 556 and 300 Blackout variants and they both performed identically. If you have a hunting rifle or a DMR type …

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