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Two Grunts Shoot: The USMC Combat Pistol Program

Editors Note: This article was a collaborative effort between Travis and Myself, as two Marines now onto other things we still like to keep up with what our beloved Corps is doing, especially as it concerns its armament. The New USMC Pistol Qualification: The Combat Pistol Program For over 30 years the Marine Corps fields a pistol qualification and training …

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Buying a New Defensive Pistol? You need a GLOCK 19

For those looking to add a first, a subsequent, or perhaps a supplemental handgun for defensive and practical use, listen up please… or rather read. You need a Glock 19. Now that I’ve made Glock haters lock and load their keyboard systems and allowed Glock fans to raise a standard of triumph… These work too That’s a Sig Sauer P226 …

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SIG Sauer P226 “Extreme” Preview Review

Right on the heels of our P250 review I present… another SIG. 248Shooter writers have discussed, among many topics, just how much Sig Sauer products might dominate review time on the page. This has to do with their very strong showing as a company at SHOT Show, bring a number of new and refined products to market for the huge …

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