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SHOT Show 2018 Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms Party: LIT UP!

Last night was the Nighthawk Custom and Agency Arms sponsored shoot and party. There were guns from FNH, Kalashnikov USA, Agency, and Nighthawk on the lines to light up the night at Pro Gun Club just outside of Las Vegas. FN brought a line up of SCAR rifles, an FN15, and a MK46, and a few others. The SCAR17/MK17 SBR full-auto was …

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Nighthawk Custom’s Lady Hawk 2.0: The Woman’s Premium Purpose Driven 1911

Jan 11th Berryville, AR: Nighthawk Custom, makers of heirloom quality 1911’s shotguns and revolvers, is pleased to announce its first of several new models for 2018 by revamping the top selling Lady Hawk line. The new Lady Hawk 2.0 is the first major upgrade to the line. This slim framed commander style gun has been a huge hit with women …

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And now a word from The Chairman… The Latest From Nighthawk Custom

From GAT Daily The latest release from Nighthawk Custom is here! The first pistol in their Boardroom series is titled “The Chairman” The Chairman is a signature, handcrafted, executive level, longslide 1911. From NHC The Chairman is the first in our Boardroom Series of Pistols. The Chairman is a 6” Long-Slide Government 1911, available in 9mm or .45 ACP. Windows in …

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