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Gun Review: Zenith Z5RS, The Everyman MP5

Original Post From GAT Daily Since it’s introduction in 1964 the H&K MP5 has been arguably the most successful pistol caliber carbine. With over 100 variants produced, several international licensed manufacturers, and adopted by 40 nations for their police, military, and special operations forces, the little German space magic 9mm has a prestigious history that has stretched into 2017 with …

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Dakota Tactical DTAC Modular Handguard

The MP5 platform of today is experiencing a second discovery. A child of the 20th Century action scene both on screen and down range with Military and Law Enforcement the MP5 was the pinnacle standard of the submachine gun/pistol caliber carbine. But times they are a changing… With several newer options hitting the market the MP5 and it’s kin, my …

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After Action Review: Teufelshund Tactical SMG Operators Course, Overview/Pre-Course

From GATDaily In perfect harmony with the uptick in pistol caliber carbine interest I was given a valuable opportunity to attend a training course specifically geared towards the PCC/SMG market. We at GAT hit cyclically on the disparity of investment between an individuals equipment and their training. People have a tendency to vastly under invest in training even after purchasing …

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