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Legislation introduced to give Brass Roots gun rights plaque a home

A 400-pound monument made from scrapped ammunition casings, which traces its origins back to 1994, is a step closer to finding a permanent home on Michigan’s state Capitol grounds. The byproduct of a campaign rally by a candidate for the U.S. Senate nearly two decades ago, the monument was crafted from empty brass donated by thousands of gun owners. The …

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Michigan Patriots Defend Government Over-reach

One of the best parts of doing this job is getting to know people. I am lucky enough to interact with manufacturers as well as end users on a daily basis. One such interaction was getting to meet the Chrzanowski family. These are hard working salt of the earth people who have created a successful business here in Michigan, they …

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Innovative Gunfighter Solutions

Necessity is the mother of all invention and was the basis for the formation of Innovative Gunfighter Solutions. John from right here in Oakland County is a certified instructor working with Brad at Patriot Defense Training in Jackson Michigan. John realized that the current serration’s on the most common guns is not as useful as it can be. Though techniques exist …

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