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Michigan Concealed Carry Renewal Goes Digital

Isn’t the 21st century wonderful? Unfortunately many parts of the firearms industry, especially where it meets the government, are in an antiquated state. Buying an NFA item, anyone? Well the good news out of Michigan is that their Concealed Pistol License renewal system has gone online. The paperwork heavy process has now simplified through the ground breaking concepts of email …

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Michigan’s Governor Elect Whitmer – Politically Silent on Guns

Michigan’s Governor Elect did not run on guns. Gretchen Whitmer is not a 2nd Amendment ally for the state by any means but Gun Control didn’t take a stage position on her platform. Her website cursorily mentions the proverbial lines about background checks, bump stocks, etc. 1. Not allow guns in our schools (open or concealed), unless the person carrying …

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First Impressions MI Custom Hybrid M-Lok Rifle

It is no surprise that Steve of Sentinel Concepts has worked with many top companies in an effort to refine pre-production guns. Midwest Industries a company I have been following for some time now recently entered into a partnership with Steve to produce a hybrid but affordable rifle. Wednesday I finally got a chance to hit the range and break …

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