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The Gift of Gun Rights for Christmas

Another terror attack and another series of talking heads telling you and the sheep of America it’s time to limit gun rights. I know that everything is cyclical and what happened once will happen again, but can we just agree that this constant blaming of responsible gun owners for the actions of criminals and terrorist is unfounded. So what are …

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Is it 2015 or 2012 Politics All Over Again?

It’s starting to feel more and more like the end of 2012 as of late. An easily publicized event has grabbed hold of the nation’s fears and attention. Politicians who have wanted nothing more than to limit the rights of the second amendment, and in truth all of the rights protected by our founding fathers, see the opportunity to feast …

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Political Update

MOC, Kenneth Herman vs Clio Area School District By now you have likely read the good the bad and the angry about the lawsuit filed against Clio Area Schools. If you have not the short of it is that Clio schools decided to break the law and ban open carry on campuses. They were sued by MOC and a parent …

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