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4th of July Sales

Detroit Bullet works is offering a huge discount on a complete set of Magpul Furniture for the holiday.     Starting tonight at Midnight to Monday 7/7 Mil-Spec Monkey is  giving you all 20% off at the Mil-SpecMonkey store in celebration. Click on the link below to get to our store and when you check out use the code “USA20” to …

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Limited Time P-Mags Promotion

P-Mags, P-Mags P-Mags!!!!!!!   Next to ammunition, no product flew off the shelves faster during the scare than P-Mags. People bought them by the caseload to ensure a guaranteed stock of the most popular polymer mag ever made.   Regardless of why you buy mags training, SHTF, fear of a ban, swimming in them like tactical Mc’Duck, or even just …

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GearScout AR-15 Grip Comparison

Ar-15 Gun Grip Styles

We work hard her to be an excellent source of original content. Every once in a while we run across an article that is just so well put together and useful that we can not help but share it. GearScout took the time to very carefully in an extremely illustrative way capture the grip angles and contours of 21 of …

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MAGPUL announces HB1224 has passed out of committee in CO

Magpul makers of the famous and almost impossible to find Pmags has issued a release regarding CO HB1224. You can find the wording for HB1224 here. The Bill has passed out of committee with a 7-4 vote. You may be asking how does this affect us here in Michigan and why should a Michigan blog be commenting on this. Any loss of Freedom in ANY State …

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