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Review: The Desantis SL Raptor, IWB/OWB Carry and Level II Retention

The majority of Kydex holsters use a tension retention system. Manufacturers, using a variety of methods, provide an (usually) adjustable level of retention on the firearm to hold it inside the holster during carry and keep it from being lost unintentionally. It is the most common method and it works well but like all systems it has limitations and draw …

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West Michigan’s HolsterCo EDC Solution: The Stealth.

Holsters are hard. Seriously. Those of us who carry regularly usually accumulate a small dragon’s horde worth of holsters, even if they are quality offerings. In many cases it’s difficult to find holsters, especially with other than main stream models. Everything is Glock-centric, understandably but it doesn’t help if you enjoyed a different firearm model. P320’s and Glock 17/19 frame …

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K Rounds IWB Appendix Holster Review

This is now the third attempt I have made to appendix carry. I am still not sold on this method of carry, what I am sold on though is this ingenious holster made by K Rounds. You may remember K Rounds from our previous review of the In-N-Out Holster. We have spent another 30 days rigorously testing their IWB KYDEX Appendix Holster. …

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