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Ann Arbor Arms A3 First Impressions

Have you ever wondered what FAO Swartz looks like for the gun aficionado? Sure stores like Gander and Dick’s sell guns but let’s face it, the service and knowledge at places like that leave much to be desired. Not to mention the low to mid tier products don’t tickle the senses the way a rack full of Wilson Combat or …

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Innovative GunFighter Solutions IGFS G26L Project

I have been struggling with sleep related issues for the last few weeks. At the suggestion of a good friend I tried a product called Melatonin that is a natural chemical designed to help you stay asleep. One of the side effects is you can get some pretty funky dreams.   After my first night using the product I woke …

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Innovative Gunfighter Solutions

Necessity is the mother of all invention and was the basis for the formation of Innovative Gunfighter Solutions. John from right here in Oakland County is a certified instructor working with Brad at Patriot Defense Training in Jackson Michigan. John realized that the current serration’s on the most common guns is not as useful as it can be. Though techniques exist …

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