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SHOT Show 2018: A Theme Emerged

Exhibition Shows like SHOT always seem to develop and underlying theme. It’s never announced but there is a feel to how and where the technology is flowing. It’s not even a deliberate direction beyond consumer interest and trying to be predictive. The overall theme is an industry classic: Evolution not Revolution.     The industry leaders are honing their craft …

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Happy New Year from 248 Shooter!

Readers, 2017 is ripe with potential for the shooting community and we here at 248 are excited and eager to keep providing you with the content you come to us for. -National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act being discussed more seriously than ever before -New training opportunities from around our evolving industry continue to emerge -And of course continued …

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STOP! Just… Just Stop: False Equivalency and Why Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter.

It’s rare for me to rant but after the responses I’ve seen to the latest series of shootings, police involved and otherwise, I can’t stay silent. So here is some digital ink on the topic of False Equivalence and just how out of control that is today. What is False Equivalence? It’s a logical fallacy where you link two arguments …

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Guns and Gals Amy Tabano

Amy is a gun loving southern girl. You can find her on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/amy.tabano If anyone is looking for a gun show model or calendar girl give her a shout and tell them 248 sent you. Check out some of the great photo’s she sent to share with the group.     Check out the trigger discipline on Amy. You …

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Girls with Guns

Michelle Viscusi, Team Glock

We wanted to create a place for hot pictures of women with guns. If we get enough requests from our  posters we will add one of men as well. These posts will not be on the Home page and will not be featured on our Facebook page. Feel free to share this on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest but please give …

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