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The Good Idea Fairy Strikes Again: Detroit, MI

Wayne County Commision member Reggie Reg Davis has a proposal to reduce gun violence. With the macabre background of a local cemetery to generate a properly somber mood, Davis has proposed a superbly asinine method for curbing the violent actions of violent people. Tax ammo and make the cops sell it. Oh and “Mental Health” background check. Why is this …

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East Lansing School Board of Education Hates Guns and Supports Kids Skipping Class… Because Guns

Warning: Excessive use of the word ‘and’ and a singular use of adult language below.   The following release (italicized¬†) was published by the public schools of Lansing MI and are echoed in the majority of arguments around the country that focus solely on firearms. It is special. Whereas, there was yet another mass killing in a high school in …

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