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KA-BAR Mil-Spec Monkey Collaboration Knife

Mil-Spec Monkey and Ka-Bar knife collaboration. This is a one of a kind beater knife

Mil-Spec Monkey who has been a long time supporter of us here at 248 Shooter has a new release on the market. Actually it’s not a new release as it is not officially released it is more of a pre-release. Mil-Spec Monkey has teamed up with one of the top names in defensive knives KA-Bar to release the “KA-BAR MSM …

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Patriot Defense Training EC3 Medical Trauma Class

Over the weekend 248Shooter was invited to Jackson Michigan to train with Patriot Defense Training. The subject of the class was very different from the usual handgun, carbine or shotgun training that they traditionally offer. The subject for the 2 day course was Emergency Casualty  Care Class which is marketed as EC3.  The focus of the class was on identifying …

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EDC or EDR? Which Acronym Should You Use?

Breach Bang Clear

If you are not following this blog you missing out. http://www.breachbangclear.com/site/10-blog/609-edc-or-edr-which-acronym-should-you-use.html They do a fantastic job of covering important topics in a fun way and they have an awesome action fiogure logo. Seriously these guys are top of the game. Check out the article below and then go check out Breach Bang Clear for more great articles. Written by Breach-Bang-Clear on 27 January …

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The Fanboy Gripe

Fanboys in the gun community grind my gears

Keith Finch is back again for another article. I say this to let you know this is a Keith Finch article. That is right Keith Finch wrote this not me. So when your panties are all bunched up because your Glock, Sig, HK, M&P or 1911 is painted as something other than the mythical doombringer you thought it to be, …

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EDC and the Rise of a New Culture

If you have reviewed the news that has come out of Shot Show you will see that a few common themes. A return to blades, the demilitarisation of bags to a more “Urban” look and a rise in led flashlight manufacturers as well as tactical pens and other EDC type gear. It is clear 2013 will go down as the …

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Highlights From Shot Show Day 2

Shot Show Logo for 2014

Day 2 is wrapped up and closed at Shot Show. Here is some of the notable items found on the floor.   Action TrackChair This is just awesome. We have shared several groups that work hard to get vets out hunting and overcoming disabilities caused by action. This chair by Action TrackChair is an invention that will make that easier …

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One NRA Instructors Path to the M&P 9 Shield

M&P 9mm Shield with defensive serrations package from IGFS.

It’s been a long road In the world of defensive handguns it is very easy to get lost, turned about, distracted, and ultimately even a little frustrated when it comes to picking out a gun for ourselves. When picking a gun for someone else it is tantamount to grandma picking a sweater out for her angsty teenage grandchild, probably not …

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If More Citizens Were Armed, Criminals Would Think Twice About Attacking Them!

Anyone who reads this blog knows this is how I feel about it. It was a huge surprise to me to have these exact words “If More Citizens Were Armed, Criminals Would Think Twice About Attacking Them!” come from the mouth of the Detroit Police Chief James Craig. While Chief Craig of the Detroit Police Dept is not exactly pro gun. …

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Open Carry in Schools Battle is Soon to Come

Recently one of our Facebook fans shared the following article with me: http://www.clarkstonnews.com/ Besides being just about the worst laid out mess of a site that I have seen since 1998, it is one of the worst articles I have ever read. I make no claim of being a college journalism major. However with a non existent budget and just …

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