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Review: Armament Systems and Procedures TUNGSTEN, EDC Handheld Flashlight

Tungsten is a remarkable element. Notable for having the highest melting point of any other element at 6,192 degrees Fahrenheit. It can take some heat. I’m not sure whether or not that fact and a high lumen light’s tendency to test heat tolerance while on in a pocket is related but Armament Systems and Procedures has produced an impressive handheld …

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Factor Cossatot 1000 and 1000XL Flashlight Review

It does not get much more tactical than all the lumens. Unfortunately, flashlights and knives often take a back seat to fancy guns in IG pocket dumps, but they take the forefront in everyday usage. When I look at flashlights, I typically categorize them into 3 categories for EDC. Tactical weapon lights, pocket carry low lumen utility lights, and heavier duty …

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1000 Environmentally Friendly Lumens

  LED LENSER® F1R I decided that it was time to shop for a new EDC light, the one that I have carried for a few years now still works great and has its uses. However, technology has changed so much that I thought it was time to look around. One particular light really caught my eye Leatherman’s LED Lenser …

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