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Sunday Sermon: Fire for Effect

Ammunition is cheap. Lives are not. Often in our efforts to practice our essential skills we short change round counts. We use less ammunition for one simple reason, it saves us money. There are a number of training options that help us in that endeavour. I’ve detailed them a few times here¬†https://gatdaily.com/skills-maintenance-limited-resources-using-deliberate-practice-low-round-counts/ But whether we use dry fire, low round …

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Sunday Sermon: Bring a Gun. Bring Two Guns. Bring All Your Friends Who Have Guns

How do you think about self defense? Do you carry a sidearm and just content yourself that should the vague ‘something’ occur you and you alone will respond, gain fire superiority, and vanquish your foes by fire and fury? The thought that upon your timely and perfectly executed engagement the enemy will flee or fall is a wonderful fantasy. Fantasy. …

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