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Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend

Pat Roger’s is one of those men who exemplified what America is about. Even if you have not trained with Pat, chances are that you have been influenced by his techniques at some point. His work with Gunsite has become the foundation used by most modern trainers. On May 4th, 2016 Pat left this world to join the warriors he …

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OTOA (Ohio Tactical Officers Association) Annual Meeting

There are many TOA type organizations around the country. Most states offer them, for example, the MTOA that we covered last year with SDI and the largest the NTOA, which represents officers across the country. Most of these events are rather small offering a smattering of booths that highlight police specific products and some training courses. What many do not …

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Condoms, IFAK’s and Blowout Kits

Protection means different things to different people. Thinking back to my teen years, living in what I thought was a carefree suburb, protection meant a crumpled up, bent and highly compromised condom that I kept in my wallet. It was that one piece of gear that I desperately hoped to use. I mention this because that condom in many ways …

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