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How I Quit Caring About Printing and Learned to Love My Full Sized Gun

From GAT Daily As a guy who carries a Sig Sauer P226 daily I agree with Travis here… From Travis Pike When I was first issued my concealed carry permit I went with what I thought was the wise route in weapon selection. I had read from many others that most new concealed carriers carried a gun much too large. …

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Michigan Constitutional Carry Moves Forward, But What is in the Bill?

No, you can’t carry without a license yet Michiganders. Period. Done. End of Story. But we are getting there. Here’s the house Summary of the four bill package now awaiting concurrence with the Senate again. First, CPLs aren’t going away or really becoming any less useful. They still stand in for a NICS check for a firearm purchase and allow …

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The 2017 Line-Up: Nighthawk Custom

2017 is turning into an exciting year for the firearm industry Nighthawk Custom, a company that since 2004 has been masterfully pushing the 106 year old John Browning legend to an artistic mechanical pinnacle, is riding that new years wave with their 1911 additions. Let’s have a look. Border Special The Border Special is a commander size 1911 in .45 …

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