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Fall at the Range: ECE 2 With Sentinel Concepts

Fall is a perfect season to train. Why? Heat. Warm enough to be comfortable while moving and cool enough to not melt while running up and down the range. So as we roll into Autumn I’m heading to the range with Sentinel Concepts¬†Essential Carbine Employment. Fast paced courses are a rush. They can be intimidating too but a word of …

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IWI Academy Tavor I: The Bullpup School

In 2013 the bullpup and carbine markets of the United States received a shake up when Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI)¬†opened on our shores and set up in Middleton, Pennsylvania. With their arrival they brought a rifle that many had been curious about and pining after for over a decade. The Tavor SAR. These modernized bullpups, built for the mechanized and …

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Sunday Sermon: If You Can Choose What to Bring to a Gunfight, Bring a Long Gun and Some Friends with Long Guns

The old saying goes “The handgun is used to fight to your long gun”. The phrasing may vary sightly but the intent of the message remains consistent. Get to a rifle or shotgun as quickly as you can in a fight and you will have a considerable advantage. Long guns trump handguns in every feasible scenario, save within arms reach. …

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