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IWI Academy Tavor I: The Bullpup School

In 2013 the bullpup and carbine markets of the United States received a shake up when Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI)¬†opened on our shores and set up in Middleton, Pennsylvania. With their arrival they brought a rifle that many had been curious about and pining after for over a decade. The Tavor SAR. These modernized bullpups, built for the mechanized and …

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Steve Talks About X95 with Tom From IWI

So there is no secret we train with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts on a regular basis. We are proud to have worked with him as well as Tom¬†Alibrando formerly of Blackwater and current LEO trainer at IWI about the new IWI Tavor X95. This is the first video in a series of drills and techniques discussed about the x95 …

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