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U.S. Optics B-10: Initial Impressions of DMR Excellence

Since acquiring the dream rifle, the FN SCAR 17, the process of ‘kitting’ it has been a more arduous one than originally perceived. Actually just one aspect of kitting it. The optic. My SCAR saw a full spectrum of optical options in a variety of price points starting with a Burris 536 and going through variables, red dots, holographics, and …

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SHOT Show 2018: U.S. Optics

With a three decades long background in precision rifle glass, U.S. Optics is not a new name in the field. Despite their long and well respected reputation the amount of information in the public sphere has been limited. Trying to pull up information or a review on any of their hand made optics usually reveals a good forum post at …

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New Year: New Gear 2017

With SHOT SHOW 2017 right around the corner and manufacturers already dropping hints or full announcements on 2017 products what are you most looking forward too this year? Here are a few we’re looking at Lithgow Arms F90 Atrax This evolution of the Steyr AUG coming from down under (Australia) has my curiosity peaked. I’ve owned and used the U.S. …

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