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A Pediatrician Explains the AR-15

The Doctor will school you now. From Dr. LateBloomer The “AR-15” is the common name for a style of semi-automatic rifle which is perhaps the most misunderstood firearm in modern history. To listen to gun controllers, one would think that this style of firearm had emerged from the depths of hell, become sentient, and started attacking residential subdivisions across the …

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The Gun Control Value Menu: The Proposals

It’s time to have a meaningful conversation about Gun Control. The ideas espoused by gun control activists and advocates inevitably coalesce into several ideas for policy change. Each of these changes have a stated goal, the same two goals in each case. Keep firearms out of the hands of “those people who shouldn’t have guns” and to save lives, “even …

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Soft Target America… Parkland Florida

I do not want to write this article. I did not want to write the previous article. I hate this topic. I hate the immediate politicization. I hate that 17 families have had a hole ripped into them by the violent choice of one oxygen thief. But above all I hate the sphincter torrent of valueless bloody shirt waiving. There …

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