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H. R. 7115 Introduced, Bans All Home Builds, Modifications, and Parts

No More Home Builds H.R. 7115┬ácalled, disingenuously, the “3-D Firearms Prohibition Act” is an opening salvo from the Democrats that will, if passed, effectively eliminate your ability to build or modify your gun at home. Your home built AR-15 on any lower, serialized or not, will now be impossible. A BILL To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or …

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The Gun Control Value Menu: The Proposals

It’s time to have a meaningful conversation about Gun Control. The ideas espoused by gun control activists and advocates inevitably coalesce into several ideas for policy change. Each of these changes have a stated goal, the same two goals in each case. Keep firearms out of the hands of “those people who shouldn’t have guns” and to save lives, “even …

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