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Review: Armament Systems and Procedures TUNGSTEN, EDC Handheld Flashlight

Tungsten is a remarkable element. Notable for having the highest melting point of any other element at 6,192 degrees Fahrenheit. It can take some heat. I’m not sure whether or not that fact and a high lumen light’s tendency to test heat tolerance while on in a pocket is related but Armament Systems and Procedures has produced an impressive handheld …

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SHOT Show 2018: Armament Systems and Procedures

My visit to Armament Systems and Procedures has been one of the most productive stops at the show so far. ASP was an entirely unknown entity to me. Their track record in law enforcement circles stretches better than two decades though so I was never the intended recipient until recently. ASP is known for training law enforcement as well as …

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Armament Systems and Procedures: Who?

Seriously… Who? Armament Systems and Procedures¬†or ASP Never heard of them? Neither had I until about a month ago but if you’re in police equipment procurement you probably know the name. ASP has been a leading Law Enforcement supplier for decades. Flashlights, batons, handcuffs, training, and training aids have been ASP’s premier products to the LEO community. Products useful for …

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