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Air Weight EDC Carbine: 2A Armament Balios and Ti RBC

5lbs. That’s all. This 10.5″ Mk18 esk AR-15 pistol weighs in at 5lbs. To anyone who is under the belief carrying an AR pistol is generally any lighter than carrying an AR rifle. It generally isn’t. Chopping around 6 inches of barrel off, or in whatever configuration you finalize the carbine, is still very close to the original weight. Getting …

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Wilson Combat 300 HAM’R

Remington backed the .300 Blackout as a .30 cal solution for firing super and subsonic loads more terminally effective than 5.56 out of short barrels. An easily suppressed short barrel AR platform with a bump in lethality. Bill Wilson said (paraphrasing) “That’s cool but can it stay in the AR-15 while slaying hogs like mad?” So with that different goal …

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Gun Clutter

From Dr. LateBloomer,   I’ve been reading a lot lately about cleaning and organizing one’s life. One trendy method is some Asian thing where you hold your possessions and commune with them before deciding whether to keep or pitch them. There’s another one out there called “Swedish Death Cleaning”. That last one sounds a bit morbid, but it stems from …

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Rifle Systems Spotlight: Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is arguably one of the most successful turn of the century firearms manufacturers. Since their founding in 2000 they’ve become a leader in the vast AR15 community with top tier rifles and components, doubling their year over year output three separate times in less than two decades. It was one of their components, the RIS, that originally put …

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SIG556xi AR and AK Ammunition in a Single Gun

Sig556xi Shot show new gun

So the news has already started pouring out of shot show and we are only on day 1. Sig Sauer trending on the release of its mor modular tactical offerings has released the new Sig556xi. This gun is a modular work of art. 3 different interchangeable barrels: 10, 14.5, 16 3 types of handguards: Aluminum, Polymer, Carbon Fiber 3 types …

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