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EDC Carbine: Galil ACE. The First Impressions

EDC Carbine The EDC carbine, here meaning ‘Pistol’ Carbines and Short Barreled Rifles, continues to be a popular platform. Their unique compact profiles and legal niche give them a utility no other platform can surpass. My LWRCi and Zenith MP5 are used daily and sometimes in tandem as PDW’s during EDC. They are simple vehicle/bag portable items that take little more effort …

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Shockwave Blade with Adjustable Tube Review

Taking the ECE course from Sentinel Concepts this weekend taught me the value of a light and maneuverable carbine. When using a CQB pistol, it is even more important. Fighting in an urban environment such as a home with obstacles and corners, light and maneuverable will give you the edge to engage quickly. Nobody grasps this concept better than the …

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Michigan AR-15 Pistol or SBR Build Part 3 Barrel Length

Our intent for part 2 of this build was to go into the assembly process of the lower. However Keith in his rifle build article did a wonderful job. Since the assembly and process is the exact same we will not be redundant. Instead for part 3 we are going to move into where the SBR or Pistol builds differ from …

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