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SIG556xi AR and AK Ammunition in a Single Gun

Sig556xi Shot show new gun

So the news has already started pouring out of shot show and we are only on day 1. Sig Sauer trending on the release of its mor modular tactical offerings has released the new Sig556xi. This gun is a modular work of art. 3 different interchangeable barrels: 10, 14.5, 16 3 types of handguards: Aluminum, Polymer, Carbon Fiber 3 types …

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Anderson Rifles RF85 Bolt Carrier

Coatings are all the rage the last few years: Cerakote Duracoat Hydro Dip Nickel Boron TiN or Titanium nitride Blued and all the variations of it All of these coatings have one thing in common. They are applied on top of the material. They are a coating that is above the metal product and can be worn away. That is until …

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Warne Ramp AR-15 Scope Mount

Warne Mount used by Police

High Powered optics, low powered optics, red dots, reflex sites and iron sites. That is a lot of choices when it comes to what you use to aim your AR-15. Add to that the when the AR-15 was developed it was designed for a fixed iron site. While the transition from the M16A1 to the more modern M16A4 has included …

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US Night Vision Mag Wraps

We recently just did an article on A Breon Customs and the polymer infused Pmag’s they are doing. However that is not for everyone. Tastes change or maybe you’re sitting on a bunch of aluminum GI mags you want to spice up. If that is the case then you may be interested in the latest offerings from US Night Vision.   …

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A Breon Custom Pmags’, Grips and More!

A Breon Custom’s is doing something unique in the tactical market. This is not a vinyl overlay or  a stipple job. They are not painting Glocks with crayons or toe nail polish as we have seen on YouTube. Adam has developed a unique application that involves a Polymer infusion to create multiple colored custom creations on any polymer or Kydex …

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Billet Vs Forged for an AR-15 Lower

The holiday season is almost upon us or is upon us not sure which. For many of us this is the time of year that we either splurge on a new gun, an upgrade or take on that long put off project of building a weapon.   For those of us newer to building guns starting that project by narrowing …

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Back Up Sights For The AR

Our good friends over at andersonrifles.com shared this recently and gave us permission to re-print it. If you are not aware of Anderson MFG also known as Anderson Rifles then you will really enjoy the review we are working on. They make some really quality products and have developed an incredible coating for weapon parts that we will go into in the …

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Is the AR-15 Appropriate for Home Defense?

By: Tom McHale

The following article is the first part of a series from http://www.outdoorhub.com/. There has been much discussion on message boards, Facebook and other social centers around the benefits or risks of using a AR15 for home defense. Check out this great article for more information on the ballistic value and risk of using the AR15 inside a typical home or apartment. …

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New REAPER 33 Rifle From Arsenal Democracy

AR15News.com recently published this articel on the Reaper 33 fighting rifle from Arsenal Democracy. This looks to be a fantastic gun that is backed by an incredible story. Check out AR15news.com  for more articles like this. This is a reprint with permission.  With a price point of $1776 it is both patriotic and affordable.   Some of you may be familiar …

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The 7 Things to Look for in an AR-15 Handguard

Choosing gear for an AR-15 is a monumental task due to the sheer number of options out there. This article originally published by at3tactical.com does an excellent job of breaking down the different types of rails available to you. It also goes on to highlight 7 specific things to consider when purchasing a handguard.   We have been given permission to post …

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