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The “Romanian Dragunov” Returns

The Firearm Blog has the scoop at the link and Circle 10 has released the information that the PSL 54C’s are returning to Century Arms. These Dragunov lookalikes are actually overbuilt AK’s that fire the 7.62x54r and are designed as a designated marksman rifle. They fulfill that eastern/com-bloc want for the famous Russian semi-auto precision rifle at a much more affordable …

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Gun Clutter

From Dr. LateBloomer,   I’ve been reading a lot lately about cleaning and organizing one’s life. One trendy method is some Asian thing where you hold your possessions and commune with them before deciding whether to keep or pitch them. There’s another one out there called “Swedish Death Cleaning”. That last one sounds a bit morbid, but it stems from …

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Trump Trump’s the Trump Slump: Gun Control talk has thinned the stock of firearms nationwide.

The title image was sent to me from Southwick’s of Plainwell, MI. My friends down there usually have a healthy stock of AR-15’s and similar rifles and they have been slow business in the year since Trump was elected. They still have a few left but the supply and demand have certainly inverted. Other stores are cleaned out completely. President …

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Clever Girl… Aklys Defense “Velociraptor” AKSV

This year at SHOT was fairly sparse on truly new products. Obviously there were new models. Companies had more variants and accessories to improve their legacy products but it was a vanilla show in most respects. But there is always an outlier.   Aklys Defense had this bizarre box muzzled Kalashnikov prototype. Color me intrigued. The Aklys Defense AKSV is a …

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The Proper Feeding and Care of your Kalashnikov, enter Magpul

Review: The AK PMag, Ranger Plate, and Magazine Coupler   The AKM series of rifles in the US has had a born again resurgence in popularity. Second, perhaps, only to the AR15 the Kalashnikov rifle has found a home in classic and modernized formats. It’s focusing on these modernized features and applications where I have completed an evaluation for your consideration …

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SIG556xi AR and AK Ammunition in a Single Gun

Sig556xi Shot show new gun

So the news has already started pouring out of shot show and we are only on day 1. Sig Sauer trending on the release of its mor modular tactical offerings has released the new Sig556xi. This gun is a modular work of art. 3 different interchangeable barrels: 10, 14.5, 16 3 types of handguards: Aluminum, Polymer, Carbon Fiber 3 types …

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