SDI AR-15 Armorers Course Review

 Day 2

You Going To Learn Today

IMG_1168Having worked on more than my fair share of weapons repairing guns and building then diagnosing them you come to understand that diagnosing the issue is 90% of the job. All too often a end user hands you a gun and says “This Don’t work”. It becomes your nightmare to pry from the user the nature of the issue and then diagnose the problem down to the point of locating the failure cause.

So many courses teach you how to build or repair a gun but leave the skill set of diagnosing an issue out of the equation. SDI understands this dilemma and builds diagnosis into the training course.

IMG_1172The guns were fully re-assembled, and function checked prior to lunch. The students were then required to leave the facility for the lunch break as the 3 instructors walked around and “broke” each of the students guns. Upon the class resuming each student was given a generic complaint about why the gun didn’t work and was told to have at finding the issue. In most cases, the guns had 2 or more issues that affected the function of the weapon. Remember these are guys that just days earlier were shooting springs and parts across the room and some had never fully disassembled an AR-15 before. Now after hands-on experience and detailed instruction they were pulling the guns apart without guidance, finding and fixing issues that created malfunctions.

 Take Away

IMG_0932At the end of day 2 I walked away with a better understanding of the platform than I had before. Even after repairing and building AR’s for a number of years now. More importantly I was able to see first hand the level of confidence a course like this brings to seasoned operators.

More importantly I walked away with a better understanding of the type of education offered by SDI. I have long been thinking about becoming certified as a gunsmith so I can work on weapons professionally. Having purchased and taken courses from AGI in the past distance learning had me turned off.

Speaking with Jason, Wes, Frank as well as several other well known names in the gun industry who work for SDI like Zeke from Talking Lead and Aaron from We Like Shooting I realized that the advantage to a place like SDI is not just the course material but the access to years of experience and people who know how to make a living from their passion.

If you’re interested in taking a course at SDI then check out their website:

You can find more on Frank and Heritage Gun Works here:


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