Recover Tactical CC3 Grip and Rail System Review

I recently had the pleasure of installing and shooting the Recover CC3 Grip & Rail System on one of my 1911s. The fit and finish is extremely nice, it is a precisely sculpted piece tucking in where it needs to and hugging the firearm ever so snugly! Upon taking the two sides out of the package, along with all the necessary hardware I was skeptical to say the least. I mean after all I was looking at a couple of pieces of plastic and a couple of hex head bolts! This package did come with everything needed to be able to mount them on the weapon and even the allen wrench is included, and at a fair price $49.99 with free shipping makes for an extremely economical solution to get a weapon light, or laser on your 1911.



Installation went quick 3-5 minutes and I had them installed, they felt like they had come with the pistol. Nice and snug no slipping and intuitively designed to work with the contours of the weapon. As I worked my way around the pistol looking at things like the magazine release and slide stop it is noticeable that these once prominent and protruding features are now in fact a little buried into the weapon due to the new furniture.


As you can see from the photos, the Recover CC3 Grip & Rail System has a very attractive appearance, and fits well on the pistol. But it should be stated that if you are putting these on a 1911 that you consider yourself to be familiar with like your daily carry etc. there is going to be a new getting to know one another period with these installed. Some of that muscle memory that you have built up is going to need a little touching up to get comfortable with the change in depth to reach some of the controls.

(It is my recommendation that a potential user will want to look at installing an extended magazine release and slide stop to maximize the potential of this product)


  • Weight: ~65 grams.
  • Rail Length: 4.5 cm
  • Available Colors: Black, Olive Drab & Desert Sand
  • Designed and Manufactured in Israel
  • Works with Ambi-Safety models

With the light mounted you still have an extremely light package the Recover Grip & Rail System only weights 65 Grams, which is about 2.29 ounces. That is roughly the weight of 3 rounds of 45ACP 230 grain ball ammo!


With the light installed it looks great and all functions on the light were easy to reach, the light was securely mounted and actually balanced quite nice with the weapon.

Range Time

Off to the range for a few rounds of testing….

Upon first shooting the pistol with the newly added weight it takes a little getting use to, your point of impact will change with the added weight of the light, it is just natural! So you will have to learn the weapon over again, just a little! For the duration of the 200 or so rounds of Detroit Bullet Works 45ACP 230 Grain Ball that were shot I checked the grips every few mags or so and had no issues with loosening or heat raising anything and the whole system stayed securely fastened to the pistol. Overall and impressive piece of engineering

 About Recover Tactical

Recover Tactical is a young company that is run by experienced management. You likely are familiar with the name Tamir Porat. If you are not, Tamir is the man behind the ergonomics and form of the Tavor rifle as well as many other products over the years.


Tamir set out to form Recover Tactical with the goal of rethinking the norms the firearms industry has grown to just accept. The CC3 series of grips for the 1911 is just the start of what you are going to be seeing coming out of Recover Tactical.


Since we started reviewing CC3 Recover tactical they have already started pre-orders for the BC2 grip and rail system for the  Berretta. With a new product on the heels of that release it is safe to assume we are going to be hearing a lot out of companies like this between now and shot show.



Learn more about the company and rail system on their website.

About Chris @ Detroit Bullet Works

BIO: Christopher Jones is the owner of Detroit Bullet Works; he has been a member of the shooting sports since childhood competing in several different disciplines including F-Class 1000yd, IDPA, & many others. In early 2005 he started Detroit Bullet Works allowing him to use all of the knowledge and expertise accumulated while competing to bring a superior product to the ammunition market. Christopher is also an NRA certified instructor and Range Safety Officer, possessing the credentials to teach CPL Classes, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, as well as Rifle and Shot Gun.

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