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OTOA (Ohio Tactical Officers Association) Annual Meeting

Here is just a sample of the companies who supported the event.



AT Armor

Blue Force Gear

Alliance PD Range

Cleer Medical

Raven ConcealmentRangeDay-030



Half Cocked Targets

Nationwide Insurance

Combat Swag (with CJ Jackson himself!!!!!)


B5 Systems

Velocity Systems


and so much more!

The following three days involved mainly off-site live fire and range based training with some of the best instructors in the country. Attendees could pick 1 class a day with their included registration fee. When looking at the typical cost of a John Chapman, Will Petty or other training from the likes of LMS, 88 Tactical, Cleer Medical and more the cost of admission was half the typical cost of admission.

To give you an idea of the knowledge available check out this incomplete list of classes.

So much man so little of a doorway.
So much man so little of a doorway.

88 Tactical was at the forefront of this event fielding instructors in just about every possible niche of the law enforcement tactics cadre. It was an honor and pleasure to spend one on one time with the likes of William Petty, Matt Jaques, Trevor Thrasher, Phil Chaney, Frank Sepulveda, Devin Crinklaw and Shea Degan not to mention the cast of less known names that will likely be some of the up and coming stars of the training community. The amount of knowledge consumed was only limited by one’s ability to absorb it. We will cover the grand opening of the 88 Tactical Facility on July 7th so stay tuned.

The OTOA was open to police officers even if not from Ohio, and it is the one event that I would say is a must do for those who run to gunfire instead of away from it. While the OTOA conference is not for civilians much of the training offered, can be found in courses taught by 88 Tactical, LMS, Sentinel Concepts and the Alliance PD Range, if you’re interested in learning from the best of the best.

A meeting of the minds.
A meeting of the minds.

A $250 fee gets you a very nice 5.11 sling pack, access to all that we discussed and more in the way of dinners, raffles and one on one talk with dudes who opinion actually matters. I don’t teach tactics on this blog because, frankly, I am not qualified to. Neither is 99% of Youtube and 80% of instructors. It’s nice when you’re talking in a group and see dudes who lived the life, walked the walked sharing their knowledge for the safety and protection of our police. Cause God knows not one of these instructors made enough on this event to be doing this for profit.

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