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Ensure You Have Enough Ammo

Detroit Bullet Works Ammo Club for Discount 9mm

The other day I was getting ready for the Travis Haley class. While I have my ammo properly stored and accounted for, thanks to a new trick I will be sharing with everyone in an upcoming article, I realized that I was likely going to be short on some 9mm.  Lucky for me 248 Shooter has a very strong relationship with Detroit …

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Detroit Shootout ends with Homeowner Wounded but Safe

Paris Ainsworth is a hard working grandmother who lives on the west side of Detroit. 10 years ago she was attacked by a gunman and swore to not be a victim again. After changes in the CPL regulations, she went and obtained the proper license to carry. Unlike many CPL holders though  Paris went and received additional training. She purchased …

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Breach Bang Clear Everyman Tactical Series

Every once in a while I read a blog article on another site that just makes me say wow these guys get it. We have done a few series on the importance of training both with medical tools and with firearms. Unfortunately speaking to the instructors in the area it is clear to me that those articles often fall on …

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Michigan AR-15 Pistol or SBR Build Part 2

The AR platform has been likened to grown up lego’s. The available configurations and components create an almost limitless options on both look and performance.  Not only are there numerous purposes a rifle can be designed around such as varminter, long range, plinker, CQB, pistol, sbr or even a traditional M series a# clone but also the looks and budget …

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Michigan AR-15 Pistol/SBR Build

Michigan is an interesting place. We interpret gun laws a tad bit different than other states. As such we wind up with interesting hybrid products like the “Michigan Pistol”.  While the Michigan Pistol has gone the way of the dodo and SBR’s have finally been approved in the state thanks to SB610 we still have some interesting gun laws. SBR’s …

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Building an AR Pattern Rifle: An Interlude of Quietly Mumbled Profanity (Part 1)

 Keith our resident instructor and AR-15 home build fanatic, has started a series on building an AR-15 from scratch. This first article discusses why or why not  you may want to build an AR instead of buying one. While cost is a factor it should not be “the factor” when making this decision. This series will be an excellent compliment …

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Practice That Hurts

Train at home and at the range.

Practice is something we preach about here at 248 Shooter on a regular basis. However at a recent class I was in I realised that Practice can actually kill. I grew up in the town that the NY Rangers practiced in. As a benefit of that we had a really great Ice Rink just a half a mile from my …

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Patriot Defense Training EC3 Medical Trauma Class

Over the weekend 248Shooter was invited to Jackson Michigan to train with Patriot Defense Training. The subject of the class was very different from the usual handgun, carbine or shotgun training that they traditionally offer. The subject for the 2 day course was Emergency Casualty  Care Class which is marketed as EC3.  The focus of the class was on identifying …

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