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Mom’s Demand Action Rally in Lansing Trumped

Yesterday if you were at the State Capital you would have seen a protest put on by Mothers Demand Action. Across the street you would have seen an equal demonstration in favor of Gun Rights.

While the media has focused on the Mothers Demand Action side of the coin pictures published by Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners paint a different picture. shared an interview with MDA activist Linda Brundage who attempted make the case for the registration of long guns and the passage of HB4774. Linda says

Just two days ago we had a horrible gun tragedy here in the Greater Lansing area, and this begins to address the culture of gun violence,

While the misuse of  any product by one person does not justify taking away the rights of all people, it would atleast make some sense, if the long gun background check in question could have stopped the double murder. I mean then at least she would have some foundation for the bad argument. Gun grabbers never let facts get in the way of a bad argument as we will see below.

  1. The gun used in the Lansing shootings was a handgun not a long gun
  2. Said gun was legally obtained
  3. The gun was purchased with a background check

East Lansing Police Chief Juli Liebler said

the pistol allegedly used was properly licensed and registered.

This all leads credence to what all law abiding gun owners like Brady Schickinger already know. Brady Schickinger is the executive director of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

Extending background checks and registration to long guns isn’t going to do anything to stop any gun crimes in this state,” says Schickinger. “It has zero effect on gun crime.

Murder is a tragedy and is already illegal. The 34 year old who committed the crimes in Lansing the other day is being charged with 5 gun crimes already. Adding more laws does nothing to stop criminals, nothing to save lives and nothing to bring back those who have been killed. What new laws do is limit our ability as free citizens to protect ourselves from random acts of violence and premeditated attacks.

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