Highland TWP Teen in Custody after School Shooting Threat.

HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP, MI — Oakland County sheriff’s deputies say a 14-year-old from Highland Township used KIK, a popular instant messaging cell phone application, to make threats against Milford High School.

He said he was going to “shoot up” the high school “like Columbine, ” sheriff’s officials said in a statement.

Oakland County investigators served a search warrant at the teen’s home Saturday and found multiple firearms. He’s now been detained and is awaiting possible charges at the Oakland County Children’s Village juvenile facility.

Charges are expected to be announced about 1 p.m Monday.

“A ninth grade Milford High School student remains in the custody of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department today after he made generalized violent threats to students and staff via the social media app Kik,” Milford High School officials said in a statement to parents and staff Saturday. “The student made the threats over the weekend.

“One student who viewed the message informed his/her parents and the parent notified the Milford Police Department.”

“The only positive to take from the situation is the fact that the system worked as it should,” Huron Valley Schools Superintendent Jim Baker said in a prepared statement. “Our students, parents, law enforcement and administrative team all acted appropriately to assure that the threats were not able to be acted upon.”


The student is barred from the school at least until the investigation is completed.

While it is good to see that police were able to react fast and that these threats were properly reported it saddens me to think what would have happened had the teen not lashed out before his rampage. This is yet another instance proving that gun free zones do not work. A gun free zone sign would only stop the teachers, administrators and law abiding parents from putting a stop to such a rampage. It clearly did nothing to stop the threats and if he had decided to go ahead with his plans would not have saved the students.

This was right here in Oakland County Michigan! Please call your councilman and representatives and ask them what they plan to do about making schools safer. Remind them that responsible trained licensed CPL holders may be the cheapest and easiest solution to solving these issues.

Source article: http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2015/02/guns_found_in_home_of_meto_det.html


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