Gunstock The Premier Michigan Shooting Event

Did you know Gunstock was this weekend? I hate when things sneak up on you and this one caught me by surprise. I had it in my calender for months, but with the amount of classes, new projects and family issues going on, I simply didn’t realize it was happening. But I digress, the important thing is did you know Gunstock is this weekend? Better yet do you know what Gunstock is?

GUNSTOCK is an annual event which brings together a wide verity of shooters, industry professionals, law enforcement, military, security contractors, competitors and manufacturers.  Highly experienced or entry level shooters will benefit from the diverse group of individuals networking, sharing information, product demonstrations, training, and a lot of friendly competition.

 There is several series of events for shooters: You can see the entire schedule here:

Precision Rifle

  • Intro to F-Class Matches
  • 1000 Yard F Class
  • FBI Sniper Qual (COF)
  • Scope Calibration class/demo
  • Scope Theory Class & Scope Drill
  • Close Contact Snap Fire
  • Sniper Golf ” 9 Hole”
  • Sniper Poker
  • Sniper Twister
  • Long Range Charity Comp


  • Reloading (training)
  • Malfunctions (training)
  • Drawing from the holster (training)
  • Gov’t Qualifications (COF)
  • Multistage Pistol competitions
  • Xtreme Marksmanship Charity Comp


  • Reloading (training)
  • Malfunctions (training)
  • Transition to secondary (training)
  • Close Quarters Carbine Qual (COF)
  • Dynamic movements (COF)


  • Shotgun Training
  • Dynamic movements (COF)

Field Skills

  • Land Navigation
  • Target Detection
  • Range Estimation


  • Gun Cleaning Station
  • Rattle can painting
  • Sandsock construction table

Gunslinger Games

  • M4 & AK Field Strip tease
  • Frag Out
  • Flying Blades
  • RimFire 3 Gun
  • Houdini

Camping / After Party

Bring a tent for Saturday night!

***Live Music***

Yard Games: Horseshoes, Ladder Ball, Cornhole, and Volleyball

Shooter Registration is typically $50 per person. However as a special discount for 248Shooter fans mention 248Shooter at the gate and pay only $25. Better yet bring a buddy and you both can get in for $40. That is 60% off the retail price for our loyal fans.

This isn’t a short drive but with camping available on site sponsored by Dark Horse Brewing Co. it looks like it will be a fun time. If you’re planning on going check out this page for directions and lodging options.

About 248 Shooter

248 Shooter
Charles is the editor and lead writer for 248 Shooter, a Michigan based gun, news and gear review site. An avid student, taking classes from top tier trainers around the country. Charles is not LEO, Military or Invested in the companies he reviews. The goal of all articles is to show an gun fan enthusiasts opinions on popular products in the market. The opinions expressed are individual opinions that we hope you enjoy reading and offer a unique user perspective that may be of assistance. Charles shares his love for training as well as experience and opinions on some of the most talked about gear and products used by competitive shooters, military, leo and civilians. Ever a supporter of the Michigan economy, the hunting sports and the 2nd amendment.

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