Gov. Rick Snyder Signs CPL Reform Legislation

Gov. Rick Snyder the Republican who received funding prior to his re-election from Anti-Gunner Michael Bloomberg has been no friend to gun legislation this year, until yesterday.

Gov. Snyder yesterday finally approved a bill he has 2 times now vetoed. This approval came after yet another series of revisions. Senate Bills 34 & 35 which are now labeled Public Acts 3 and 4 of 2015 aim to streamline the CPL application process.

“These bills streamline how we issue concealed pistol licenses, creating a uniform system that will better support the rights of firearm owners in Michigan,” Snyder said in a statement.

“I appreciate that the Legislature revamped this legislation, removing any unintended consequences that could have put domestic abuse victims in danger.”

Supported by the NRA as well as local Michigan Gun Organizations this legislation is designed to remove county gun boards from the equation. By moving the approval to the county clerks who are required to make a determination in 45 days. With a background check via the state police, local politics and small groups of bureaucrats will no longer be able to slow down the shall issue CPL system.

Not everyone was happy about this decision however. “We know from research that giving law enforcement discretion to determine who should legally be allowed to carry firearms is an important protection against high-risk individuals, such as those with recent violent histories, from bringing loaded guns into public places,” Dr. Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, said in a statement last month.

Initial application fees for a five-year permit will be reduced from $105 to $100 under the laws, which dictate how funding will be distributed to counties and state police.

What I am most excited about is a move to an online renewal system that will be implemented by 2018 (assuming it has a better developer than the Obamacare website).

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